Download Pdf Ebook Accidentally In Love with Him Again

Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Download Pdf Ebook Accidentally In Love with Him Again
AccidentallyInLovewithHimAgain.pdf eBook Free Full download.

The book is a romance fiction about a struggling model, set in Mumbai, that deals with open relationships and long-distance relationships. It showcases the outlook of people towards love, in the metros!
Love is such a waste of time.

Accidentally In Love! is a story of a girl, struggling to make a living as a print model in Mumbai. The industry that once welcomed her with open arms is now intent on kicking her out of it. And people are starting to think it's time for her to go home and marry some guy her parents choose for her, while she's still getting proposals.

But that is not what keeps her up at nights. What rules her heart these days is the cute photographer she met at a set one fateful day. But who has time to date, right?

They find their answer in an open relationship. Love is overrated, anyway.